Media Relations

Everyone who works at Melwood Global has experience as a working journalist, a distinction that means we understand and can better anticipate the needs of the media and which sets our team apart from the vast majority of public relations firms.

Successful media pitches are a combination of timing, substance and many times, personal newsroom contacts. With years of combined knowledge, expertise and contacts – many of whom we worked alongside, the Melwood Global team delivers a powerful newsroom ally that knows how best to position clients’ stories.

Our reach knows no bounds. We know from our own experience inside newsrooms that it is—and always will be—the personal approach to a reporter that determines coverage.

Today’s media landscape is more exciting and more challenging than ever before. The traditional model of media is changing rapidly but its importance in delivering important messages to key audiences is undiminished.

Melwood works closely with every client to create targeted messages that will yield meaningful coverage in strategic outlets. Melwood’s experts understand that media is a critical component from which all successful communications efforts emanate and that working with reporters is vital to the outcome.

Our plans deliver not just on tactical or cold-call pitching but in working with the right media at the right time to tell a unique, compelling story the right way.