Marketing & Branding

Great marketing and branding can take years to build—and a single news cycle to lose. Protecting, marketing and promoting a brand are among the most important tasks of business, institutional, government and nonprofit leaders today.

Melwood Global relishes the brand and marketing challenge, meeting it with a team of experts who has overseen everything from launching new messaging, websites and logos to successfully protecting the good name of companies in the midst of crisis  – both self-inflicted and beyond their control.

Branding brings with critical thinking, strategic planning and innovative execution to the ever-growing number of ways to connect and resonate with key audiences and stakeholders. Today’s successful campaigns involve all the important pillars that support branding: Media relations, advertising, direct marketing, social media, events, advocacy and content creation.

Melwood has the capacity to helm entire campaigns from start to finish or to work with a client’s existing in-house marketing teams in a supporting role.