Blogging for Natural Search

Melwood Global created a website that’s been pinned to the top of Google’s natural (or organic) search listings approximately forever.

Perennially, you might say.

Long time.


Google has a list of considerations it uses to gauge whether a site should rise in rankings. This complex formula is constantly changing. We did not try to follow it.

(Some of us can hardly bear to look at it. It involves math with Greek symbols).

Though, truth be told, there are a few key items which improve a site’s “searchability.” This is likely because these actions authentically reflect good, relevant content.

These are:

1)     The content contains relevant key words

2)     The content is updated regularly

3)     Other websites link to the site

Here’s how we did it: obsession.

Our site is obsessed with a few key policy points. We seek to convey the importance of these policy points.

One of the ways we do this is through our blog. Our site’s blog is constantly turning over news events and examining them or analyzing them through the lens of these principles.

Because we return to these points again and again we definitely repeat key words. It just happens naturally. These are the words we would have used anyway.

What is your organization obsessed with?

What is your organization’s purpose? What is it trying to say or do? Just as importantly: Who within your organization is obsessed with the mission? Who’s obsessed with a portion of your mission? Who’s obsessed with the remaining elements?

Sometimes a good PR firm can provide these individuals.

Locate these passionate content experts. Ask/beg/demand these folks blog about their obsession. Tell them they can keep it short. Tell them they write emails all day long, a blog isn’t much longer. Tell them they can show some style. Sassy is OK, in fact it’s welcome. Pair that purpose with engaging muscular language that moves right along. As long as cheeky is combined with thoughtful, readers interested in the subject matter will appreciate it and stay tuned.

Most importantly: Keep this person or persons on a regular schedule of blog output.

And, when someone similarly obsessed turns to the internet for insight, they’ll find you.